Andre Rieu - You Raise Me Up (2010) @Wav

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Andre Rieu - You Raise Me Up (2010) @Wav

Post by timtim on 14th March 2017, 7:40 pm

Andre Rieu - You Raise Me Up (2010) @Wav

1.You Raise Me Up (04:14)
2.Roses From The South (08:13)
3.The Rose (03:35)
4.The Gypsy Princess (06:17)
5.I Dreamed A Dream (From Les Miserables) (03:15)
6.Feed The Birds (From Mary Poppins) (02:54)
7.Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (From Mary Poppins) (02:12)
8.Dark Roses (From Gasparone) (02:50)
9.Carnival Of Venice (04:36)
10.Il Silenzio (03:55)
11.Chianti Song (03:02)
12.There Is A Song In Me (03:34)
13.Mamma (04:12)
14.Send In The Clowns (From A Little Night Music) (04:34)
15.Love Live Forever (From Paganini) (04:35)
16.Autumn Leaves (03:48)

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