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Những ngôi làng đẹp như tranh vẽ

Post by timtim on 2nd May 2016, 9:49 pm

Bordered by mountains and a mirrored lake, the stunning village of Hallstatt, Austria, is so pretty a Chinese company built a replica

Set on the Black Sea, the Swallow's Nest Castle is perched on a cliff in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014

The isolated village of Gasadalur, on the west side of Vagar in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, has a population of less than 20

Thousands of tourists flock to the Cotswolds village of Bibury, England, to photograph the picturesque cottages on Arlington Row

Neuschwanstein Castle, built in the 19th century in Germany, is said to be the main inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

With triangular homes, Shirakawa-go, Japan, is a remote mountain village and Unesco World Heritage Site, along with Gokayama

Perched on a rocky island, the Unesco World Heritage Site of Mont Saint-Michel is exposed to some of the world's most powerful tides

This deserted fishing village on Shengshan Island, off the eastern coast of China, has been overtaken by beautiful green vines

The mesmerising Initiation Wells at the Quinta da Regaleira estate in Sintra, Portugal were used for secretive initiation ceremonies

The dramatic village of Bagnone, set in the hills of Italy's picturesque region of Tuscany, features stone houses on the edge of a river

Some structures are built on stilts in the breathtaking fishing village of Hamnoy, which is exposed to the sea in northern Norway

Founded in 1274, Rothenburg is a quintessential German town with half-timbered buildings and narrow cobblestone streets

Colourful homes are perched on a cliff in Manarola, Italy, one of the Cinque Terre towns, which attract two million visitors a year

The traditional mountain farm of Renndolsetra, in Norway, is set in the stunning Innerdalen valley and has accommodation for 20 people

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