Computer bị hư hoài, bắn bỏ bị ra tòa

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Computer bị hư hoài, bắn bỏ bị ra tòa

Post by chandoi on 22nd April 2015, 12:38 pm

April 20, 2015: This photo shows the remains of a computer that was shot eight times Monday by a Colorado Springs, Colo. man. The man received a citation from police. (Courtesy Colorado Springs Police Department)

A Colorado man's frustration with his computer boiled over Monday night, resulting in him shooting the machine eight times and receiving a citation from police. 
Lucas Hinch, 37, of Colorado Springs, accepted his citation with good humor, police told the Colorado Springs Gazette. According to the paper, Hinch told officers that he hadn't realized that he was breaking the law when he brought the computer into an alley and blasted away.

Colorado Springs Police Lt. Jeff Strossner declined to specify what type of computer trouble Hinch was having, only saying that "he got tired of fighting with [it] for the last several months."
Strossner said Lucas Hinch got his wish, "effectively disabling" the computer with his fusillade. 
The penalty for the citation will be determined by a judge. 
Hahaha..vì cái tội giết chết computer


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